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Model Name:EVO MAX 4T
Special Feature:✅Thermal Camera:640x512 | 16x Digital Zoom ✅Wide Camera: 50MP | 1/1.28" CMOS ✅ Zoom Camera: 48MP | 8K 10x Optical Zoom(160x Max) ✅ Laser Rangefinder, ✅ 3D Map Planning | Multiple Mission Types | Data Security ✅ Multi-channel Projection Screen* ✅ Autel SDK, 🔥Remote ID Supported, ✅ Autel SkyLink 3.0 | 12.4 miles Transmission ✅ 720° Obstacle Avoidance ✅ 42 mins Max Flight Time ✅ A-Mesh 1.0 | Mesh Networking Technology
Video Capture Resolution:1080p
Connectivity Technology:USB
Included Components:📦Manuals · Quick Guide · Packing list 📦Rugged Case, 📦EVO Max 4T Aircraft, 📦Battery, 📦Smart Controller V3(sticks included),📦Smart Controller Lanyard,📦 Smart Controller Cover, 📦RC Charger, 📦RC Charging Cable 📦EVO MAX 4T Propellers, 📦Battery Charger + Power Cable📦Manuals · Quick Guide · Packing list 📦Rugged Case, 📦EVO Max 4T Aircraft, 📦Battery, 📦Smart Controller V3(sticks included),📦Smart Controller Lanyard,📦 Smart Controller Cover
Item Weight:4.4 Pounds
Video Capture Format:8k

🏆4 MISSION READY PAYLOAD - Autel EVO Max 4T payload integrates ➊Wide-Angle Camera(50MP, 1/1.28" CMOS, f/1.9 Aperture, 85° DFVO, 23 mm Equivalent), ➋Zoom Camera(48MP, 8K 10x Optical Zoom, 160x Max. Hybrid Zoom, f/2.8-f/4.8 Aperture), ➌Thermal Camera(640x512 resolution, 13mm Aperture, 16x Digital Zoom, Temperature Measurement, -20°C to 550°C range) and a ➍L-aser Rangefinder(5 - 1200m Measuring Range, ±1m accuracy) for all data capture needs and critical decision making.

🏆A-MESH 1.0 NETWORKING - Multiple machines can be controlled autonomously by 1 pilot or by a group of pilots simultaneously with or without LTE coverage. If one fails or exits unexpectedly, the entire system will independently self-organize and continue to relay critical information. The new A-Mesh system of Max 4T enables machine-to-machine autonomous communication, connection, and collaboration.

🏆720° ULTIMATE OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE - Autel EVO Max 4T is the only one that combines traditional binocular vision systems with millimeter wave ra-dar technology. This allows the onboard Autel Autonomy Engine to perceive objects down to 0.5 inches, eliminating blind spots and enabling operation in low light or rainy conditions.

🏆ANTI JAM, ANTI INTERFERENCE - The EVO Max 4T uses advanced flight control modules and algorithms specially designed to counter RFI, EMI, and GPS spo-ofing. This enables the EVO Max 4T to fly confidently and safely near power lines, critical structures, and in complex areas.

🏆AUTEL SKYLINK 3.0- Autel EVO Max 4T SkyLink 3.0 system comes with 6 antennas, 4 frequency bands, AES-256 encryption, and optional 4G integration to provide users with the most advanced flight capabilities ever in an EVO. EVO Max 4T supports ✅20KM (12.4 miles) Image Transmission Distance, ✅1080P@60FPS Real-Time Image Quality, ✅<150ms Latency and ✅900MHz/2.4GHz /5.2GHz/5.8GHz Frequency Bands.

🏆PLATFORM CAPABILITY - With 42mins max flight time, 23,000 ft service ceiling, 27 mph max wind resistance, 4000m max takeoff altitude, -4°F to 122°F (-20℃ to 50℃) operating temperature and IP43 protection rating, Autel EVO Max 4T redefines portability with its powerful platform and all weather design.

🏆ENHANCED LIVE-VIEW& DATA SECURITY - Autel EVO Max 4T supports simultaneous output of RGB/night vision, infrared, and Map. Also, the geo-location data and other aircraft location info detected by ADS-B can overlay on re